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Containing herbs, spices & fruits rich in antioxidants & phytochemicals, this unique natural supplement is formulated to help boost the immune system, metabolic activity & energy levels.






Sweeteners, Flavourings, Colours, Fillers, Additives or Preservatives. Gluten, Dairy, Egg, Fish, Nuts, Peanuts or Sesame.


Dietary Supplement – 100g Powder

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BOOSTING AMBERS is a plant-based natural health supplement powder formulated for function and flavour. It is a natural immunity booster.

Combining the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda with the power of plant ingredients, this energising powder helps to boost the immune system.

Our handpicked herbs, spices and fruits are rich in phytochemicals and antioxidants and have strong anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties. Each of the five ingredients is selected for its own nutritional qualities, whilst also working together to act as a natural immune system booster. This Ayurvedic supplement powder works to support the body’s natural immunity, metabolic activity and energy levels.

A 100% natural immunity booster – BOOSTING AMBERS – is blended and packed in New Zealand with imported certified organic ingredients.

TurmericLime ZestGingerLemongrassBlack Pepper

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Dietary Supplement

Dietary Supplement


Taken daily, BOOSTING AMBERS dietary supplement powder helps with immune support and boosts energy levels.

With its widely-studied anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial properties, superfood Turmeric is included in diets and supplements to benefit the immune system, respiratory health and clearing congestion. Ginger and Black Pepper create a thermogenic effect to help improve metabolic activity and blood circulation. The essential oils, carotenoids and Vitamin C in Lime have immune-enhancing effects and is considered a cleanser for the body. Lemongrass is also known as “fever grass” in traditional medicine, owing to its therapeutic effects in lowering fever.

The herbs, spices and superfoods in BOOSTING AMBERS work together to help the body’s natural immunity, metabolic activity and energy levels.


The BOOSTING AMBERS Ayurvedic supplement has a revitalising and warming taste profile. The bright yellow powder is a natural immunity booster.

The Ginger, Lime Zest and Lemongrass provide the perfect combination to mellow the usual bitterness of Turmeric. The Lime Zest adds citrus complexity, whilst the sweet and uplifting notes from Lemongrass are balanced by the savoury influences from Ginger and Black Pepper. Read more about the Turmeric and citrus flavour pairing in this Blend here.

Add BOOSTING AMBERS daily to: Smoothies, porridge, dips, salads, bakes, soups

Try these healthy recipes: Golden Hummus, Vegan Pancakes, Chocolate Orange Baked Oats

9 reviews for BOOSTING AMBERS

  1. xgeorgiarose

    I have loved incorporating Botanistry’s Boosting Ambers into my morning routine especially over the winter months to help build up my immune system, not only has it done wonders for my body but it also tastes delicious in my morning oats! Love this product!

  2. philippa

    I love how you can help your immune system so naturally. I add BOOSTING AMBERS to my lemon honey drinks when I’m feeling a little run down. It’s delicious! And so nice not to have to take more tablets. That makes a nice change.

  3. sophie

    Boosting ambers is such a lovely blend to add to baking and smoothies. I love the citrus element and have recently been adding it to tea and it’s just divine!

  4. simone

    BOOSTING AMBER’S is incredible. This product is truly amazing! We use it in our sweet and savoury dishes. I could not recommend this enough!!!

  5. TingXu

    I absolutely love Boosting Ambers! I enjoy adding it to my smoothies, porridge, hot beverages like lemon & ginger tea. It has such a subtle aroma with spices I adore. It is perfect for winter days to boost your immune system. Highly recommended!

  6. vannjam

    I have been using this product for over a year now and have had awesome results.
    We all are going through a difficult time especially with COVID and my son came down with it. I did not have any problems and was able to stay well and carried on without any problems.
    My work mates have been ill with Covid also but i have been able to carry on working without any interruption – i have not taken any sick days from work either.
    I will continue to take Boosting Ambers. I would strongly recommend it – especially if you fall sick often !

  7. Emma Croxson

    Such a beautiful blend. Perfect to addition to smoothies!

  8. luisamoana

    BOOSTING AMBERS is my go-to blend of Botanistry. I add it almost to every meal. It is really delicious and so fresh in rasa/taste. I really like adding tumeric daily to my meals and with turmeric as one ingredient in this blend, I feel the call to add BOOSTING AMBERS to almost any meal. Tumeric in Ayurveda is balancing to all doshas and helps with so much including immunity, healthy digestion, boosting brain and nerves function. The blend is so well mixed together that with the other ingredients you really get the full potential of an immunity boost and protection. I highly recommend trying this incredible, rich and healing spice blend.

  9. Laura Bleyendaal

    This is a beautiful powder and I love adding it to my smoothie bowls and lemon water. It has such an energising & uplifting taste and I love the addition of turmeric into my diet to support detox pathways and immune system function. Great product

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For optimal health benefits, BOTANISTRY dietary supplements should be taken daily. The Blends can be easily enjoyed in regular drinks and dishes, any time of day. The all-natural powders are versatile and simple to use. Just add one teaspoon daily to your smoothies, porridge, soups, pancakes, juices, yoghurt, dips, salads, breakfast bowls, healthy bakes, raw desserts… and so much more! Here are some quick ways to add BOTANISTRY Ayurvedic supplements into your daily routine. Of course, you can get creative too – visit Recipes for more foodie inspiration.

How to use the blends

Recommended Adult Daily Dosage: 1 level teaspoon (3g) per serving

Recommended Child Daily Dosage: Half the recommended adult dosage

(Not more than 3 servings per day)


Please consult your health professional prior to taking if you are pregnant, breastfeeding, taking medication or have a medical condition.

The blends are not intended to cure, diagnose, treat or prevent any disease, and individual results may vary.


Please read FAQ for more product information.



It's easy to add BOTANISTRY dietary supplements into the food and drink you enjoy daily. Experimenting in the kitchen led to an insta-worthy smoothie with ACTIVE CORALS? Got a perfect flavour pairing with GLOWING GREENS? Happened to create a healthy recipe with BOOSTING AMBERS that the kids adore? Can't get enough of DIGESTIVE JADES? We’d love to see your creations using BOTANISTRY Ayurvedic powders and can’t wait to try them out ourselves! Follow and tag @BotanistryBlends