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Who can take BOTANISTRY Blends?

BOTANISTRY dietary supplement powders are suited for people seeking to naturally optimise their overall wellbeing. Our products should be taken daily as part of a healthy diet and lifestyle. The Ayurvedic supplements can be taken by men, women and children in the recommended optimal dosage. However, please consult your health professional prior to taking if you are pregnant, breastfeeding, on medication or have a medical condition. To note, BOTANISTRY Blends are not intended to cure, diagnose, treat or prevent any disease, and individual results may vary.

Why should I take herbs and spices?

Herbs and spices have been used for their therapeutic benefits for centuries in traditional healing practices. It is said that dried herbs can be more potent and bioavailable as powders to the body than the equivalent fresh amount. BOTANISTRY natural health supplements have been carefully crafted with the guidance of experienced Ayurvedic practitioners, medical doctors and food technologists. The active plant ingredients in our Ayurvedic Blends help provide nutritional support for good health and wellbeing.

How and when should I take a BOTANISTRY Blend?

Each BOTANISTRY Blend can be enjoyed in various ways, depending on your preference, any time of day. In powder form, they are easy to mix into any drink or dish you prefer. They can be added to smoothies, juices, yoghurt, nut butters, dips, salads, breakfast bowls, healthy bakes, raw desserts… the list is endless! Try our quick and simple recipes and tell us what you think. Or better yet, create your own, and don’t forget to tag @BotanistryBlends so we can try them too!


Consistency is key. And a little goes a long way. We recommend taking a serving of each of your chosen BOTANISTRY dietary supplements every day. This daily practice helps to build resilience and overall wellbeing for the body and mind, which aligns with Ayurvedic principles. For instance, you might like to start your day with an ACTIVE CORALS-enhanced coffee or protein shake, or even a BOOSTING AMBERS tonic or smoothie. Then later in the day, you might tuck into a GLOWING GREENS avo toast and have a DIGESTIVE JADES hot drink after dinner. Above all for optimal health benefits, BOTANISTRY Ayurvedic supplement powders should be taken daily as part of a healthy balanced diet.

Can the Blends be mixed together into one drink?

There is no harm in taking more than one BOTANISTRY Blend together at a time. However, the 100% natural dietary supplements have been formulated for both function and for flavour. Therefore, by combining Blends, their taste profile will change and may not be as appealing. We recommend taking them separately throughout your day. BOTANISTRY Blends are simple to enjoy because they can be added to smoothies, salads, breakfast bowls, raw treats and more!

Can I take one blend in the morning and a different blend in the evening?

Yes. It is recommended to take different BOTANISTRY Blends at different times of the day to best suit your lifestyle and routine. For instance, you might like to start your day with a BOOSTING AMBERS smoothie to kickstart your immune system or a revitalising morning green juice with GLOWING GREENS, an ACTIVE CORALS enriched energy bite as an afternoon snack, and have a salad dressed with a DIGESTIVE JADES vinaigrette for dinner. Try our Ayurvedic supplement powders in different recipes and tell us what you think! We’d love to see your delicious creations so please tag @BotanistryBlends

Are the products suitable for children?

Yes, in fact, children like the taste and colours of our Blends. And it’s great to see kids enjoying all-natural, plant-powered meals. For fussy eaters, you’re able to mix the Blends into food and drinks they like. The recommended dosage is half that of an adult – 1.5g or half a teaspoon of each Blend daily. Nonetheless, we are unable to provide dietary advice for children under the age of 16 and we recommend you seek the advice of your health professional.

Are BOTANISTRY products suitable for pregnant / breastfeeding women or if you are on medication?

We created BOTANISTRY organic health supplements to provide natural nourishment for everyone. The botanical ingredients are all found in nature and have been used for generations, and there are no added food additives, chemical preservatives or sweeteners of any kind, not even “natural” sugars or flavourings. However, if you are pregnant / breastfeeding or on medication, please consult with your health professional or midwife before taking any of our Blends.

How long does the canister last?

Each BOTANISTRY dietary supplement canister holds a little over 30 adult servings. Enjoy daily in your smoothies, soups, cereals, salads and more. Share with us how you have included the Ayurvedic powders into your drinks and dishes by tagging @BotanistryBlends.


Are your products suitable for vegan diets?

Yes, all our Blends are vegan-friendly. All BOTANISTRY organic health supplements are 100% plant-based and do not contain animal-derived ingredients. The Blends contain nutrient-rich plant ingredients only.

Are your products suitable for keto diets?

Yes, BOTANISTRY natural health supplements are suitable for a ketogenic diet. The powder Blends are free from natural or artificial sugars and sweeteners of any kind.

Are your products suitable for Halal and Kosher diets?

Yes, all BOTANISTRY Ayurvedic supplement powders are gluten-free and lactose-free. They do not contain gluten or ingredients derived from gluten-containing grains. They are also free of dairy, soy and palm oil. The products are blended and packed in a facility that may process products containing gluten, dairy, nuts, fish, shellfish, egg and soy. It is a Ministry for Primary Industries-approved production facility in New Zealand and the manufacturing equipment is subjected to a comprehensive clean / wash-down according to food-grade standards before and after each production run.

Are your products gluten-free and lactose-free?

All the ingredients are Halal and Kosher suitable. However, our Blends are not certified Halal or Kosher. All BOTANISTRY dietary supplements are 100% plant-based and do not contain any animal, fish or dairy products or animal by-products or alcohol.

Do your products contain nuts?

Our BOTANISTRY natural health supplements do not contain any nuts. They are also free of dairy, soy and palm oil. The products are blended and packed in a facility that may process products containing gluten, dairy, nuts, fish, shellfish, egg and soy. It is a Ministry for Primary Industries-approved production facility in New Zealand and the manufacturing equipment is subjected to a comprehensive clean / wash-down according to food-grade standards before and after each production run.

Do your products contain sugar or other sweeteners?

There is zero added sugar into our BOTANISTRY dietary supplement powders. The powder Blends are free from natural or artificial sugars and sweeteners of any kind. They contain nutrient-dense organic plant ingredients only.


Are your ingredients certified organic?

Yes. All ingredients in our BOTANISTRY dietary supplements are certified organic under European Union regulations. Read about why we choose organic ingredients here. Our powder Blends are made of 100% natural plant ingredients and nothing else. They are free from sugars, sweeteners, flavourings, colours, fillers, binders, additives or preservatives of any kind. The BOTANISTRY ethos emphasises carefully selecting high quality, certified organic ingredients from sustainable sources. Learn more about our organic plant ingredients and their health benefits.

Are your ingredients non-GMO?

All plant ingredients in our BOTANISTRY natural health supplements are not Genetically Modified Organisms (non-GMO). In fact, our ingredients are sourced from rural community farms and forest gardens that practise regenerative farming. Discover more about this way of environmentally sustainable farming.

What is the shelf life of the BOTANISTRY Blends and how should I store them?

The base of each canister has the ‘best before’ date. Our all-natural dietary supplements remain in optimal condition up to 18 months if unopened and we recommend consuming within two months once opened. Please store the products in a cool and dry place, below 25°C, away from direct sunlight and properly closed. Use a dry spoon when serving and avoid moisture entering the canister. Refrigeration is not necessary.

The canister isn’t filled to the top?

That’s right, our Blends are not filled to the very top of the canister so you don’t have to deal with the mess of an overspill. The dry powder blends are measured by weight and number of servings, rather than volume. Because they are 100% natural products, different ingredients can have a different density and so can settle differently inside the canister.

Do you have safety and quality control systems in place for your products?

Yes, all our products are made under stringent food safety guidelines from the farm to processing to sealed lab conditions for packing. The blending and packing is conducted at a Ministry for Primary Industries registered facility in Auckland, New Zealand. They are stringently batch-tested for metals, chemicals and microbials in a third-party laboratory at source and in New Zealand to ensure the best final product for you.

Where are your ingredients sourced?

All plant powders for the Blends are certified organic and ethically sourced from locations around the world which are best known to produce the highest quality raw ingredient. For example, Ceylon Cinnamon is native to the forests of Sri Lanka and we source it directly from the tropical island (formerly known as Ceylon). We are on the ground and even visit the community farms and forest gardens to make sure our standards for premium quality and ethical trading are met. Learn more about our organic ingredients and their therapeutic benefits.

Are your products fair trade?

Conducting our business in an ethical way is non-negotiable for us. And paying a fair price to our farming community is part of the mission of BOTANISTRY. Therefore, we source directly from the growing communities and cooperatives who produce the organic plant ingredients. As a brand, we strive to do our best in every aspect, from ingredient sourcing and quality to trusted supplier relations. Discover more about this way of environmentally sustainable farming.

Why don’t the Blends dissolve completely?

All BOTANISTRY dietary supplements are formulated using only natural, certified organic botanical ingredients. We do not include any additives, anti-clumping or anti-caking agents, bulking agents, binders or dissolving agents. This means our powder Blends can be a little grainier with visible fibres in comparison to an artificially-enhanced product.

Can there be slight colour variations in the Blends?

BOTANISTRY dietary supplements are made in small batches from real whole foods, sourced in nature. We don’t add any artificial additives, sweeteners, colourings, flavourings or extracts. This means there may be slight colour and aromatic variations based on each season’s harvest. This is completely normal, and there is no change to our promise of premium quality and potency in our Ayurvedic supplement powders.

What is your packaging made of?

The canisters are made of lined FSC-certified food-grade cardboard. Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certification means that the paper we use comes from responsibly managed forests that provide environmental, social and economic benefits to communities. The canisters are airtight to ensure freshness, potency and safety of the BOTANISTRY Blends. We hope to make ongoing improvements to our packaging as we continue to learn on this journey and strive to do better.


Where can I purchase BOTANISTRY products?

BOTANISTRY dietary supplements are available for purchase online on our website to customers in New Zealand and Australia. New Zealand prices include GST. For more information, visit shipping and tracking or feel free to email us on regarding any specific queries. In New Zealand, BOTANISTRY Blends retail at Health 2000 stores nationwide and on the Health 2000 website.

Can I collaborate with BOTANISTRY?

Yes, we’d love to hear from you. If you’re a nutritionist, food blogger, chef, café owner, health & wellness business and you’d like to collaborate with BOTANISTRY, let’s talk! Please drop us a line at or connect via social media so we can work together to share natural goodness with a wider community. Read about our previous collaborations in our journal posts.

What is BOTANISTRY Limited?

BOTANISTRY Limited is a plant-based supplements company with the aspiration of encouraging natural nourishment for a balanced life. BOTANISTRY is a registered trademark in New Zealand. The plant-powered business launched with a range of dietary supplement powders, currently available in New Zealand and Australia. The first four products are designed for immune support (BOOSTING AMBERS), joint & muscle recovery (ACTIVE CORALS), healthy skin (GLOWING GREENS) and better digestion (DIGESTIVE JADES). Working to stringent standards, they are blended and packed in New Zealand using imported certified organic ingredients. Formulated for function and flavour, the four Ayurvedic supplement powders can be added to your daily food and drink conveniently and effectively.

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