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Vegan Pumpkin Treat

This is a pumpkin treat you’ve never tried… but you definitely need to! In August 2021, BOTANISTRY collaborated with the talented Olivia Moore to create a healthy plant-based treat for winter. Unique and yummy, the ‘Immune Boost Bar’ was exclusively available in Taupo at The Cozy Corner for a limited time period.



Olivia MooreAn entrepreneur and photographer, Olivia or @thatgreenolive on Instagram is a magician when it comes to developing inventive recipes and flavour combinations. And she’s done it again with this one-of-a-kind ‘Immune Boost Bar’! Using BOOSTING AMBERS powder for its immunity-supporting ingredients and bright yellow colour, Olivia developed this plant-based treat recipe as a celebration of winter. The ‘Immune Boost Bar’is not too sweet and has contrasting textures with a smooth pumpkin filling and different crunchy elements.


“To celebrate different occasions, I create limited edition wholefood treats for customers to enjoy at The Cozy Corner in Taupo. This time it’s extra-special with a delicious plant-based pumpkin treat. I’ve collaborated with BOTANISTRY Blends to add their amazing BOOSTING AMBERS powder blend, which is designed to strengthen the body’s immune system – perfect for winter,” Olivia said.



Immune Boost BarsWhat makes up the ‘Immune Boost Bar’? This plant-based treat incorporates a number of nutrient-rich foods and spices that can help the body’s natural immunity. The main filling is a pumpkin lime pie, which makes perfect sense as pumpkin and lime are excellent sources of vitamin C and are a great flavour pairing. The velvety pumpkin filling includes vanilla, warming spices and BOOSTING AMBERS with a crumble topping. The solid base features the crunch of buckwheat – a wholegrain high in protein, fibre and energy. The wow factor is the coconut, caramelised maple and almond brittle which is laced through the middle of the bar – plus there’s a generous chunk on the top! Almonds are rich with antioxidants including vitamin E, and coconut contains healthy fats. Best of all, the ‘Immune Boost Bar’ is vegan, dairy-free and refined sugar free – a healthier plant-based treat for the whole family.


The Cozy Corner TaupoYou can find BOOSTING AMBERS in the base, filling and crumble of the bar – adding natural flavour, function and colour. This energising blend contains organic Turmeric, Lime, Ginger, Lemongrass and Black Pepper, each ingredient selected with respect and purpose. Inspired by Ayurveda, it is formulated to support the body’s natural immunity, immune health and energy levels overall. We love seeing the interesting and healthy ways our BOTANISTRY Blends are being mixed into food and drink every day.


A hidden gem of a spot, The Cozy Corner in Taupo specialises in fresh, wholesome, unprocessed meals with plenty of options for those with dietary concerns including plant-based, vegan, gluten-free, etc. Head over to the café to try Olivia’s limited edition slices and other goodies!



If you’d like to collaborate with BOTANISTRY, let’s talk! Drop us a line at or connect via social media so we can share natural goodness with a wider community.


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