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Microhabits To Make A Difference

At BOTANISTRY, we believe that small matters. A little goes a long way. And little things add up. In the end, the result can be pretty big! Why not start with micro-habits – let’s look at 7 micro-habits to make a difference…


One approach that many people have found helpful is introducing micro-habits. Micro-habits are tiny tweaks to your daily routine that help build and improve everyday habits. The actions may seem embarrassingly small and insignificant at first, but together and over time, they create long-term habits that lead to feeling more productive and less stressed. The micro-habit approach isn’t as daunting and makes it easier to achieve your goals since it doesn’t require taking drastic, radical steps all at once. Here are 7 micro-habit tips that can help get you moving in the right direction.


  1. Prepare your day the night before

Planning the day ahead helps you to be ready for what’s scheduled and better handle those unexpected surprises. Checking your calendar to review any meetings and writing down a to-do list is helpful. Similarly, it’s always easier to select your outfit and have it ready the night before. If you schedule your gym session after work, pack your workout gear and a healthy snack. You might like to prep your breakfast to save time in the morning. How about a bowl of overnight oats with a teaspoon of ACTIVE CORALS anti-inflammatory supplement powder? This wholesome bowl helps balance your blood glucose levels and keeps you full.


Microhabit of Overnight Oats


  1. Complete a task when you don’t feel like it

It’s easy to keep avoiding or postponing things you’re meant to do – whether it’s chores around the home or working on a project or even going out for a run – and then it never gets completed. Pick a small task to complete every day, and get it done, no excuses. Once you get started and begin to tick off more tasks on your list, it becomes easier every time. And you find it so fulfilling that you can take more on.


  1. Start a routine for your mornings and nights

Starting and ending the day right is essential to your health and productivity. This is personal to what works for you and what helps get you in a positive and productive mindset for each day. For instance, you might like to start your day before the rest of the household by drinking warm water followed by some quiet time and meditation. Or with some light stretches and walking your dog followed by a rejuvenating breakfast smoothie with GLOWING GREENS supplement for healthy skin. If you’ve had a heavy meal and need a little relief, drink a mug of hot water with a teaspoon of DIGESTIVE JADES supplement for digestion and bloating. For a good night’s rest, try to sleep around the same time each night and avoid anything too engaging like being on your phone before bedtime, as this can negatively impact quality sleep.


Balanced Lifestyle


  1. Make time to move

Daily physical activity, even basic movement, is an excellent stress buster so do make the time for it. (Read more about the importance of movement here.) Many people find spending time outdoors in nature, even a few minutes walking in the garden or watering plants, can truly uplift your mindset. Going for a walk or workout is ideal but if that isn’t possible, you can introduce exercise into your work day, especially when working from home. For example, stand up and stretch every hour to give yourself a physical and mental break, or take the stairs when you can, or walk around the apartment between Zoom calls. It is also important to support your body’s rest and recovery process after a workout. Experience the health benefits of anti-inflammatory supplements like ACTIVE CORALS Ayurvedic powder in your protein shake.


  1. Allocate screen time

With so many apps, messages and emails, your phone can be buzzing pretty regularly. When you pick it up to read one message, you might end up scrolling on social media and not realise half an hour going by (we plead guilty!). This can be distracting when you’re trying to concentrate on an assignment or getting work done, and lead to further stress. One idea is to keep your phone on the other side of the room and allocate screen time for work and social to help you be more efficient. Or you may want to assign set times a day to disconnect without any social media to help moderate use and stay focussed.


Microhabit of Healthy Eating


  1. Make smart substitutions

Pick any current not-so-great habit and swap them with something that is better-for-you. For instance, if you’re a fan of a mid-afternoon high-sugar processed treat (like we are!), try replacing it with wholefood versions. These should have less refined sugar to help reduce cravings and better regulate sugar levels to avoid those end-of-day energy slumps. Another idea is to substitute snacks in your fridge for healthier ones. One example is vegetable dips supercharged with the addition of BOOSTING AMBERS immune support powder. Try some simple snack recipes here. It’s also a good practice to drink more glasses of water instead of artificial colas in your day, helping you stay well hydrated naturally.


  1. Share your gratitude

Within your day, take a moment to reflect on things you’ve done or things you’re grateful for. Cultivating a sense of gratitude helps you to be constructive, build confidence and see positivity in life. Then even when things don’t go so well, you are better equipped to recognise, understand and mindfully manage those stresses. Some examples include: telling a loved one that you appreciate them; acknowledging the kindness of others or donating to a charity of your choice. Sharing your gratefulness helps reinforce a positive mindset, instil optimism and build long-term relationships.


Those were our 7 micro-habits to make a difference, do you have any others? Feel free to comment or send us a message if you have any thoughts you’d like to share or questions about our organic health supplements.

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